architects are condemned within suburbia

The ‘American Standard’ is unfit for those housed on the outskirts of american cities, and those abandoned in the innermost regions. The invisible disease that consumes America goes unattended, while the desire to design defensive mechanisms has taken hold. There is a disconnect that goes beyond the job description of the architect. The use of design to simulate control to those that constitute the privilege of negligence is prohibited. Violation of this notice is unlawful and will lead to the continued engagement of systematic destruction within society through the home itself. 


Note: this dwelling will examine the long continuous cycle throughout our country’s development, specifically the American home. It will exhibit the way technology has taken over our sense of ideals to formulate a facade of total control that engulfs the invisible affairs within our built environments. It is no longer the architect’s job to solely design for the wants of the human, but to expose what has been lacking in design and give way to the breaking of these suffocating barriers.